Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Terry Malts at the Mohawk

In spite of what their latest album title might lead you to believe, Terry Malts is not simply killing time. The band has described their sound as "Chainsaw Pop" and I can't say that I disagree. These are songs that never reach the 3 minute mark, short bursts of intense energy with three chords and loads of heart. Killing Time is about love, neuroses and fun. Tomorrow night's show from Terry Malts at the Mohawk promises to be loud, fast and fun. tickets for tomorrow night's show are only $8 and Terry Malts will be playing the inside stage.

Terry Malts - I Do video via YouTube

Austin's own, One Hundred Flowers and Rayon Beach will be playing before Terry Malts tomorrow night starting at 10pm. I don't know the set times for sure but you can probably expect Terry Malts to go on around midnight. Like I said though, none of their songs even reach the 3 minute mark on record so I'd expect their headlining set to only last about a half hour. See you there!