Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Real Estate at the Mohawk

This morning I told you about the return of Keep Shelly in Athens well now I want you to focus on the Mohawk's outside stage. Before Keep Shelly take to the inside stage you can see Real Estate under the stars at the Mohawk. For those of you who have to work early on Thursday, this is the show for you. Since it's on the outside stage you should be comfortably in bed around 11pm, which is more than enough time to sleep off all of that Whiskey and Lone Star you drank...or will drink...I've lost track of my tenses in this hypothetical. Regardless, it hasn't been all that long since Real Estate last passed through Austin. That show sold-out, as of this moment you can still buy tickets to THIS Real Estate show.

Real Estate - Easy video via YouTube

If you haven't listened to Real Estate's 2011 release Days then you are missing out on loads of sunny, feel-good vibes. It's the kind of music that makes you want to quit your job, break your lease and drive across the country with your windows down. The band hails from New Jersey, which might explain the escapist vibe I get from the record or maybe it reminds me of road-trips of my youth. You might appreciate the reverb-soaked vocals, the guitar interplay and the in-the-pocket rhythm section. If not, hey it's cool, we don't have to be friends anymore. The tickets for tomorrow night's show are only $13 and I'd expect the band will have vinyl at the merch booth so plan accordingly. Also, don't think you can make a last minute decision and just pay the cover at the door, the show will be sold-out by then homeslice.

Real Estate - It's Real video via YouTube

Both Real Estate and Keep Shelly in Athens are on their way to Coachella, I hope they become friends at the Mohawk.