Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Contest: Here We Go Magic with Oh No Oh My

Photo Credit: Gregory Mitnick

I'm sure many of you are still experience an ACL Fest hangover but everyone knows that the best cure for a hangover is a hair of the dog that bit ya. Also, it's time to get back in the saddle and experience what's really great about Austin, I'll give you a hint it has nothing to do with standing in a field amongst tens of thousands of people to watch a 90's stalwart. No, what I'm referring to is the intimate experience of being face to face with an up-and-coming artist in a small venue. Well, tomorrow night is the perfect time to experience exactly what I'm talking about. Emo's is presenting a show at the Parish with Here We Go Magic Wednesday night and I want you to be there. Tickets are still available and they'll be cheaper today than tomorrow. HOWEVER, I get to put one person on the guest list with a +1. Will it be you? As usual, the rules are simple: Send an email to Contest[at]austinbloggylimits[dot]com with "HWGM" in the subject and you name in the body along with a reason why you should get on the list.

Here We Go Magic - How Do I Know video via YouTube.

One of my favorite local bands, Oh No Oh My, will be playing the support slot so be sure to show up early enough to hear them play. I love their brand of indie-pop and I think you will too. Oh, and one more note about Here We Go Magic you should pick up A Different Ship on vinyl while you're at the show. Even though it's not fancy and it's not 180 grams it is one of the best sounding pieces of vinyl I've bought all year. Secretly Canadian knows what's up. Also, that record is fucking awesome so you should have it in your collection anyway.