Tuesday, October 16, 2012

AustinBloggyLimits Presents: Woods and Widowspeak

I'm so excited to be presenting my first show. I'm a big fan of Woods, Widowspeak and Red 7 so when the opportunity arose to present these two bands at that venue I knew it was fated. Woods' latest LP Bend Beyond is their most polished effort to date. They haven't abandoned their old sound they have just found a new way of capturing it. The songs sound a bit slicker without losing their old psychedelic feel and the production better captures the sense of seeing Woods perform live.

Tickets for the show are only $12 if you buy them in advance or $14 on the day of the show but I have two pair of tickets to give away. This is going to be an unusually "complicated" contest for this site. I want you do design a cool show poster. I'm not looking for you to screen-print or anything, I'm just talking about a digital poster that I can put on this site and Twitter and such. Two people will have their poster selected, which will get them each on the guest list with a plus one to next Wednesday's show. If you want to use my logo it's there in the upper-right hand side of the page, you don't have to use it but it would be nice. Oh, and just attach your digital poster to an e-mail with the subject, "ABL Presents" to Contest[at]austinbloggylimits[dot]com.

This contest in its original state is, apparently, offensive to designers. I thought it might be a fun thing for amateurs but in the interest of keeping things civil I'll just do what I usually do. E-Mail the above address with subject "ABL Presents" and tell me why you should get the tickets. Include your name as it appears on your ID.

Woods - Bend Beyond video via YouTube

Woods are the official headliners for next week's show but I would actually call this a double-bill. Ever since I first heard Widowspeak I was in love. I listened to three tracks from their LP, I turned it off and drove to End of an Ear to buy their Self-Titled record on vinyl. I saw them earlier this year at 29th St. Ballroom and their live performance held up to my very high expectations. Widowspeak is soundtrack music. They don't just create music, they create vibes and you'll want to be in that imaginary film next Wednesday. Also, if this is your first time hearing of Widowspeak I implore you to listen to their album even if you don't end up going to the show.