Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thursday Night Happenings

There is a lot going on in Austin tomorrow night and I expected a lot of those events to be sold-out by now. You're in luck though, because they're not! Now, you just have to decide what you do and don't want to see. Price point could be an issue here as the events available vary greatly in their cost.

I fully expected tonight's Yeasayer show at Stubb's to be sold-out but alas there are still some tickets available. This show will set you back $25 but you also get to see Daedalus as well as an after-show inside featuring The Sour Notes.

Yeasayer - Longevity video via YouTube

Maybe you think Yeasayer is over, or you don't love paying $8 for domestic lite beers while sorority girls take pictures of themselves and talk loudly through a set. Well, don't worry there are more events for you to enjoy! Akron/Family return to Austin to play Red 7 with Smoke and Feathers. This show promises to have cheaper drinks fewer sorority girls but probably equal parts talking. Also, if you're a hipster-hater then this isn't the show for you. Oh, if you're a hipster-hater you should probably just move and/or shut up and get over yourself. Tickets for the Akron/Family show will only set you back $12.

Perhaps psychedelic noise isn't your thing, AND you think Yeasayer is sooo 2010 well, first of all you're a dick, secondly there is still an acceptable option for you! Those, I don't get it, internet-"sensations" Turquoise Jeep play the Mohawk with Neiliyo. Tickets for Turquoise Jeep are also $12 and people love them so, it wouldn't surprise me if this show sold-out.