Thursday, August 30, 2012

Markov CD Release Show

Tomorrow night is a big night for local-band Markov. It's a big night because they are playing a support slot for a band they love, The Bronx but it's also a big night because they are celebrating the release of their new EP, The Flatlands. The Flatlands is six songs of melodious, driving, post-hardcore music that seems to go by in a flash. It's the perfect stop-gap between records and definitely shows growth from the band's previous release, This Quiet, which was already one of the best local releases of 2010. If you're looking for something to do Friday night, Markov at Red 7 is the thing to do. Tickets are only $12 if you buy them today but they'll be $14 tomorrow and don't underestimate fans of The Bronx, it's quite possible this show will be sold-out tomorrow.

Markov - Red Ocean video via YouTube

If you're trying to plan out your Friday night, I'd try to get to Red 7 by 9:30 for Markov's set. Also, it's an outside show so plan accordingly.