Friday, August 10, 2012

The Drive Tour Hits Austin

If you didn't think Drive was one of the best films of 2011, then you should just stop talking about films with other human beings. Also, you should say film instead of movie. Drive was visually arresting with powerful performances and it featured one of the coolest soundtracks in recent memory. It was mood music, self-conscious synth-driven meditations on love, loss and Lord knows what else. Even someone who tries to be in the know musically, such as myself, was scouring the internet for information about the songs featured in Drive. Well, in an effort to capitalize on this new found recognition several of the baby-bands featured prominently in the film have set out on tour together and that tour hits Red 7 tomorrow night. Tickets are still available and will only set you back around $15.

College & Electric Youth - A Real Hero video via YouTube

The Drive tour will feature performances from College, Anoraak, and Electric Youth. You may not immediately recognize those names but they performed some of the most iconic songs from the film. Granted, the band Desire should also be on this bill as well as Kavinsky but let's not fucking quibble ok?