Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fang Island Return to Austin

Seeing Fang Island at the old Emo's inside was one of my favorite concert experiences of 2010. I was going through a rough patch in my personal life and their brand of anthemic, smiling guitar sounds matched with the crowd's exuberance was exactly what I needed in that moment. Someone, either in the band or in the crowd brought a Unicorn piñata, which has nothing to do with anything but it always stands out in my memory of that show.

Well, this Friday you have the opportunity to make your own Fang Island-related memories. They'll be playing the Mohawk's inside stage and tickets are only $12. Fang Island won't take the stage until around midnight so plan accordingly, take a disco-nap in the afternoon and too get too drunk to stay awake. Their latest record Major was released a week or two ago and it picks up right where they left off. I would say the biggest distinction between this album and their last is the vocals. There is a lot more singing on Major, which I think will only increase the community atmosphere of the live experience. There are still lots of hooky, overdriven guitar parts, keyboards, thumping bass and driving drums with melodies to spare. I don't know this for a fact but I would surmise that the album's title refers to "Major Key," which I believe is the secret to their uplifting sound.

Fang Island - Sisterly video via YouTube

Can't make it to Friday night's show? Don't worry you have a second chance to form Fang Island-related memories. Saturday, they're gonna be on a mother effin boat! Tickets for the boat party are $25 but there will be kegs of Dos XX and burgers on board. I went to one of these last year and I have some words of advice. Firstly, you should know it costs money to park your car, so car pool, secondly, it's going to be REALLY hot so wear a swimsuit. This is Texas, even the fat and ugly need to get in the water sometimes so people aren't going to get all judgey if you don't look like a model. Besides, if people want to get all judgey they won't have the balls to do it to your face so who cares, we're not in High School people. They will probably have burgers and hot dogs but the people making them to the people eating them ratio is highly imbalanced so eat before you leave or bring a snack. Also, make sure to bring some $1's for tipping. Lastly, don't forget your sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and all that sort of stuff you're going to be floating in the water, which means 360 degree sun all up in your business.