Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jaill in Austin

Photo Credit: Tom Grimm

Wisconsin-band, Jaill, return to Austin this week touring in support of their latest Subpop Record release, Traps. You can catch them at Red 7's 6th anniversary party tomorrow night. Tickets are only $8 today but they'll be $10 if you wait until tomorrow. Jaill will also be performing at Trailer Space Records this afternoon, which is a free show although donations are accepted (when are they not?) today's show is also BYOB.

For those of you not familiar, Jaill play off-kilter, psychedelically-influenced indie-pop. Their songs sound perfectly pleasant until you start paying attention to the lyrics and then you realize what sick bastards they truly are. They've been making music together for a decade and their latest album is a work of experience. These tunes are road-tested, interesting but not completely out there. It manages to be accessible without being dumb just like the last person you made love to.

Jaill - Perfect Ten video via YouTube

Jaill are on tour with The Coathangers, who are the actual headliners for tomorrow night's show at Red 7. I enjoy them as well but I wanted to highlight Jaill, which is why they received top billing on this post. The Coathangers are an all-female punk band based in Atlanta, their latest album Larceny & Old Lace is a heavy dose of fast, fuzzy guitars with sing-along choruses. They are known for putting on high-energy, infectious live shows that will leave you sweaty and horny, just like the last person you made love to.

The Coathangers - Hurricane video via YouTube