Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dirty Projectors at Emo's

I'm sure there are lots of people who hate the new Emo's. After living in Austin for 6 years I've learned that everything that used to be is better than everything that is, people from L.A. are ruining Austin and Dallas is the most wretched place on earth...other than L.A.. Well, one of the (many) benefits of Emo's new location is how spacious it is. When Dirty Projectors played at the old Emo's location the show sold-out in a couple of days. Well, here we are only a day before they perform in the new space and there are still tickets available. This is a huge bonus, also after you buy tickets you'll be able to just drive and park AT THE VENUE! Imagine that? Just driving TO the place where you want to see the show and parking there?!?! It's like some sort of wet-dream fantasy!

In case you haven't been paying attention, Dirty Projectors released one of the best albums of the year a couple of weeks ago and tomorrow night's show is Austin's first chance to hear these songs performed live. Swing Lo Magellan picks up right where Bitte Orca left off, with African-rhythms, disconcerting boy-girl harmonies, soulful vocal performances and lyrics that make you go hmmmm. It is not as arresting as Bitte Orca was, simply because it further explores the same themes rather than blowing the doors open on a brand-new sound.

Dirty Projectors - Gun Has No Trigger video via YouTube

This is a bit of a side-bar but what do you think it says about me and/or the internet age that I just spent several minutes searching for a video newer than the Gun Has No Trigger video, which was only uploaded to YouTube a month ago? That's right, something a month old doesn't seem relevant enough to include in a blog post, even though the record that video promotes is only a couple of weeks old and that band is playing tomorrow. Le sigh.

No offense to Wye Oak who will be playing a support set at the Dirty Projectors show tomorrow night but I'm pretty disappointed that Purity Ring are not the support act. They have been on tour with Dirty Projectors on earlier dates this summer and I love them immensely. Wye Oak will certainly put on a solid set but it won't be the mind-blowing amazingness that is a live set from Purity Ring.