Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lee Fields and the Expressions at the Continental Club

With everything going on in Austin the last couple of weeks, tonight's Lee Fields & the Expressions show at the Continental Club really snuck up on me. Thankfully, I bought myself and Mr. S. some tickets as soon as the show was announced. I know a lot of you have other plans tonight but Lee Fields doesn't go on until 11:30p so you should consider working this show into your schedule. If you're a fan of Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones or soul music in general then I bet you'll be thoroughly impressed with Lee Fields. If you can't make it out to tonight's show then you should at least check out Lee's latest album Faithful Man, it's an instant classic. My particular jam is I Still Got It. In the meantime here's a live video fo the title track courtesy of Your

Lee Fields - Faithful Man video via YouTube

I'm not entirely sure what the ticket situation is for tonight. I know that the buy ticket link is no longer on the Continental's page but that doesn't mean it's sold-out. They are pretty old-school so I would suspect that you can pay a cover charge to get in. The tickets were $17 so bring a $20 for sure. If it is sold-out, I would think they would list that on their site but like I said they are pretty old-school so, who knows? When I bought my ticket online I was sent to a PayPal page if that gives you any idea.

Lee Fields - You're the Kind of Girl video via YouTube