Monday, April 23, 2012

Bear in Heaven with Doldrums and Blouse

Tomorrow night at the Parish is one of the most solid indie-rock triple bills I've seen in awhile. All three bands played at SXSW this year so, expect to hear some clever quips about how they have only been gone a few weeks. I saw both openers this year and personally, I might switch their time slots if it were up to me. However, I will say that Doldrums is more high-energy, which is much more akin to the headlining band. Also, what do I know?

I'm a big fan of the sounds that Blouse produces. Their record has a lot more moody effects than they do in a live setting but it all comes across as very woozy. It's slow-rock through a cough syrup haze and I'm totally into that.

Blouse - Ghost Dream video via YouTube

Of course, headlining this solid triple-bill tomorrow night is Bear in Heaven. Their latest album, I Love You, It's Cool is their best yet. Their songwriting is tighter than ever, the melodies catchier and the beats are ass-shake inducing. Also, they sound more like the Pet Shop Boys than ever before and there ain't nothin' wrong with that.

If you want to check out this great show tomorrow night you should grab some tickets now because tomorrow you'll be paying day-of-show prices.

Bear in Heaven - Reflection of You video via YouTube