Thursday, February 23, 2012

SXSW 2012 Preview: POLIÇA

Just like yesterday's post, this post is going to pull double-duty. POLIÇA is a part of the musical collective known, to most, as Gayngs. Their debut LP, Give You the Ghost was mixed right here in Austin by Jim Eno and they are back in town on Friday. They'll be performing in one of the support slots for Har Mar Superstar to close-out his month long residency at the Mohawk. After their performance Friday, POLIÇA are back on the road for a bit before returning to Austin for SXSW where they will play loads of gigs, at least 2 of which are official showcases. My homegirl, Liz, just caught their set in Portland, Oregon last week and she blew-up my Facebook wall to make sure I was aware of the pure majesty that is a live performance from POLIÇA. Rather than try to paraphrase Liz's review on my Facebook wall, I'm going to let you read it for yourself, she attached a video, which is why she never says the band's name:
Just saw these guys- are you familiar? I WAS GEEKING THE F*CK OUT. So, so, so good. Two drummers, one bassist, bad-ass vocalist, no guitar. Damn!
If you want to GEEK THE F*CK OUT with POLIÇA at the Mohawk this Friday night, you best grab some tickets while they're still available.

POLIÇA - Amongster video via YouTube

I recommend you listen to the full album from POLIÇA on Spotify in preparation for their upcoming Austin performances. As I mentioned above the break, they have 2 official showcases planned for SXSW. The first showcase will take place on the evening of Tuesday March the 13th at Bat Bar and will feature an incredibly solid line-up including: Caveman, The Apache Relay, Yellow Ostrich and Ume. Your other opportunity to catch POLIÇA in an official capacity at SXSW 2012 is on Thursday the 15th. They'll be performing at the IFC Crossroads House at Vice at 7:00pm.

I would expect that you will also find POLIÇA at a few unofficial events happening during SXSW but they are in the middle of a tour so, who know if they'll play endlessly like some bands do. As usual, for all things unofficial look to the experts at Show List Austin, Do512, SXShhh and RSVPster.

POLIÇA - Lay Your Cards Out video via YouTube