Monday, February 20, 2012

SXSW 2012 Preview: The Apache Relay

By now you should know that not all artists who formed in Nashville make country music. However, I would say that if you're going to exist in the Nashville music scene then you're writing chops are seriously on point. This is certainly the case with The Apache Relay. Their most recent album American Nomad is 30ish minutes of tight song structures, textured production and terse musicianship. This is radio-ready music for the indie-roots music fan in all of us. If you've ever loved a song by Edward Sharpe, The Avettt Brothers or The Civil Wars then this is your band. They don't sound as old-timey as those artists but you can hear the old-timey influences in their songs.

The Apache Relay - Home is Not a Place video via YouTube

It looks like the first official SXSW for The Apache Relay will actually happen before SXSW music begins. They'll be playing Bat Bar on Tuesday, March 13th. If, like me, you only have a music wristband you'll have to wait until the first official day of SXSW music Wednesday, the 14th to see The Apache Relay on the rooftop of Maggie Mae's. There's not a specific time listed for their official sets right now but that information will continue to roll out this week so just keep an eye on the official resources. Speaking of keeping an eye on the official listings, I JUST noticed that the SXSW site shows the music portion starts on Tuesday this year. So, hopefully that means I'll be able to attend these showcases I'm seeing on Tuesday night.

For all things unofficial, SXShhh has officially launched and you can gain access to their vast database for the price of a beer ($5.) You can also register with RSVPster who will RSVP you with a +1 to every unofficial SXSW event. Lastly, you can do all of the research yourself over at Show List Austin and/or Do512.