Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don't Miss the Opening Act: Young Buffalo

This post could have been a part of my "Planning Ahead" series as Young Buffalo won't, actually, be hitting Austin until early August. However, I expect with Arctic Monkeys headlining Young Buffalo at Stubb's WILL sell-out. In other words, if you don't already have your tickets you best be grabbing them now.

Young Buffalo are a trio from Mississippi and they are a part of a grand tradition of American bands, who are more popular overseas than they are at home. With change-up rhythms, multi-part, pop harmonies and gorgeous melodies their upcoming EP, Young Von Pretty Lips will make you an instant fan. You can pre-order and/or listen to a sample of the EP over on their artist page from Cantora Records or if you prefer to cut out the middle-man you may, simply, purchase the EP from the band at Stubb's on August 2nd when they open for the Arctic Monkeys.

Young Buffalo - Catapilah video via YouTube

As the title of this post implies I am highlighting the opening act, since I assume you are already aware of the headliners, Arctic Monkeys. However, perhaps you are not aware of their latest LP Suck It and See, in addition to being one of the classiest album titles all year it's their follow-up to the, somewhat forgettable, Humbug. Luckily for both the fans and the Monkeys, Suck It and See is more of a return to form for the band with propulsive, bratty, clever writing and lots of brain-tattooing guitar melodies. Even if the band decided to only play their worst music at Stubb's on August 2nd their energy and enthusiasm would win the crowd over. I expect this show to be over-the-top drunken fun. Hopefully the drunkenness will MOSTLY be the audience but chances are the Arctic Monkeys will have imbibed a few Strongbows before they hit the stage. I'm not judging, I'm just sayin'.

Arctic Monkeys - The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala video via YouTube