Thursday, August 4, 2011

Woods play the Mohawk

So, tomorrow is Friday night, which means you have to find something socially-approveable to do with your time. I know, it's a lot of pressure, we live in a very judge-y society and that's wrong but it's a fact that we have to live with. Chances are, if you're reading this, you live in Austin so you're gonna wax your handlebar mustache, throw on some jorts and a Goodwill T-shirt hop on your fixie and pedal on down to the Mohawk. You're going to do all of this because psychedelic, lo-fi, Brooklyn band, Woods is headlining the outside stage. Being from Brooklyn, they WILL out hipster you, so don't challenge them to a hipster off. They like bands who only perform in people's living rooms and they drink the fairest of trade, organically-roasted coffees. They prefer Pabst to Lone Star and they have been cultivating their handlebar mustaches WAY longer. Also, anything you like, they liked first and now they hate it and you're lame.

Grab your tickets for tomorrow night's show at the 'Hawk here. Also,feel free to check out Woods latest LP, out now on Woodsist.

Woods - Pushing Onlys video via YouTube

In addition to being the oldest East Los Angeles gang, White Fence is the name of a band who you will see performing before Woods takes the stage tomorrow night. The band features Tim Presley of The Strange Boys fame and their latest LP Is Growing Faith is also out now on Woodsist. Expect some woozy, late-60's-style garage-psychedelia. Were there enough hyphens in that description?

White Fence - Get That Heart video via YouTube