Thursday, March 3, 2011

SXSW 2011 Preview: Yuck

See y'all, my strategy for these preview posts is to get all of the popular/obvious choices out of the way at the beginning of the month in the hopes that I'll get the jump on one or two media outlets who will, inevitably be telling you the same stuff. Back in the early part of the year when Yuck played Emo's, opening for Smith Westerns I was hesitant to express my like for them. First of all, I hate their name, which is a silly reason to not listen to a band but that's my first impression. It sounds like they couldn't come up with a proper name so they just called themselves Yuck. Then, there's all this press, in which, they say how they are influenced by bands from the 90's and as I approach 30 years of age hearing a band say that makes me feel old. Well, a week or two ago I actually sat down and listened to Yuck's LP and I instantly enjoyed it. I can immediately hear the influence of COOL college-rock from the 90's, which isn't where my brain was at all. I didn't actually see their set at Emo's in early February but the word on the street was pretty mixed. Some people said they loved it, others said the band needs to rehearse more. I'm guessing they'll get lots of experience playing to hostile/indifferent crowds at SXSW 2011.

Yuck - Rubber video via YouTube

As of the writing of this post, you have several chances both official and unofficial to catch Yuck at SXSW 2011. It looks like your first chance will be an official showcase headlining slot at Club De Ville on Wednesday March 16th.

On Thursday March 17th, Yuck take to Flamingo Cantina's stage at 1:35p for the Under the Radar magazine party. This party is a free unofficial event and features lots of other great bands in an intimate space. You may remember I mentioned it yesterday, as Menomena will also be performing there.

Then on Friday March 18th, you'll have TWO chances to see Yuck, one official and one unofficial. Firstly, at 3:30p you can catch the band at the Eastside Drive-In for Pitchfork's #Offline Festival party.

Later on Friday evening, the band plays an official SXSW showcase at Kiss & Fly.

As of right now, the band has nothing scheduled for Saturday but you can, pretty much, guarantee that they will be playing SOMEWHERE on Saturday the 19th.

Yuck - Georgia video via YouTube

As usual, this site should not and CAN NOT be your ONLY source for SXSW information. These posts are meant to highlight artists, not all of the shows have been announced as of the writing of this and bands are known to add-shows on even during the festival itself. Don't blame me y'all!!!

Yuck - The Base of a Dream is Empty video via YouTube