Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SXSW 2011 Preview: Menomena

Just like yesterday, when I featured James Blake, today, I am featuring an artist whom you probably know already, Menomena. This Portland, Oregon band has been huge in the blogosphere for a million blog-years but their latest LP, Mines proves why you should care about them. Their music is interesting, intense, intriguing and other adjectives that start with i...inviting? These guys are no strangers to Austin, or SXSW for that matter, and I expect that you'll have many chances to catch their live-show both at official and unofficial events around the city. I'm most-excited to catch their set at the Central Presbyterian Church, whose acoustics should make for an amazingly memorable show. The band has inferred to me via Twitter that they will have a video from Mines in the near future but for now, I'll settle for what, to me, is already a classic tune.

Menomena - Wet and Rusting video via YouTube

I e-mailed Barsuk for a list of all of the shows that Menomena have scheduled during SXSW and they returned my message with a listing of 2 shows...I don't believe them BUT this is what they told me:

03/17/11 Barsuk Showcase at Red Eyed Fly
03/18/11 Under The Radar at Flamingo Cantina

There is also the listing I mentioned above the break at Central Presbyterian Church happening on Friday evening March 18th, which is listed on the official SXSW website.

Menomena is also listed on Show List Austin at a free day-party happening Saturday March 19th, called South By San Jose, which takes place at Jo's Coffee on South Congress. They are alleged to be performing at 4p, sandwiched between White Denim and Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears

I expect the band will be playing some, other, high-profile day-party-type events yet to be announced. In the meantime, you should definitely check out that Under the Radar party though. There are some GREAT bands playing that event and Flamingo Cantina is a fantastic, intimate venue. That place is emeffin tiny y'all!

Here's a faux-video of a song from their latest LP, Mines, while we anxiously wait for a new promotional clip from the band. Once, again I urge you to not rely, solely, on this site for your SXSW show information. All shows are subject to change and many pop-up closer to the event. This is merely intended as a highlighter.

Menomena - Dirty Cartoons video via YouTube