Friday, October 7, 2011

So Many Choices Tonight

Hopefully, you've all taken advantage of my hardcore ticket round-up post so, most of this is old news for you. However, I recognize that some of you are assholes and didn't read that post. Or you're busy or whatever your kid spit-up on your blouse or something to that effect. It is for you, the busy asshole, that I bring you a few choice selections from our fair city this eve. Of course, I have to mention the Michael Ian Black show, for which you may still purchase tickets. MIB takes to the Mohawk's outside stage at 10pm tonight. After his set, I encourage you to step inside the 'Hawk, get your picture taken with the stuffed bear, marvel at how that hot beardless woman got a job tending bar and then stick around for the nouveau-French sounds of Chateau Marmont and Revolver as they bring the Voulez Vous tour to Austin. These two bands have very different sounds. One is folky, one is electronic both are effing awesome. There are separate tickets for that inside experience at the Mohawk tonight but it's a rare opportunity that you'll want to take advantage of.

Chateau Marmont - One Hundred Realities video via YouTube

Revolver - Balulalow video via YouTube

Just a brisk walk from the Mohawk on the much revered, or much dreaded, east-side you can catch Bloggy-favs, The Calm Blue Sea as they play a headlining set over, the newly re-launched, ND. You've seen my words on The Calm Blue Sea in the past so, I'm not going to bore you, I'll just say...awesome. They'll be joined on the bill by a few other, noteworthy, Austin artists, Frank Smith, A House a Home and The Boxing Lesson. I'd just like to note that all of these bands are hard to Google, so you're welcome for including the links to their pages. This locals-only show will only set you back $7 and you can feel free to RSVP thus spreading the show love to all of your F*c*book frienemies.

Calm Blue Sea - Literal video via YouTube

Maybe you're feeling like some serious head-nodding music? You're in luck, legendary hip-hop performer Tech N9ne will be doin' what he do over at Emo's fancy, east Riverside location. That place is pretty big so tickets are still available.

Tech N9ne - Mama Nem video via YouTube

I feel like I should, also, mention the Dolly Parton show out in Cedar Park but I want you to know that, as much as I love Dolly, Ticketmaster can eat a dick. I'm really sad that there is a Live Nation/Ticketmaster venue on the edge of Austin pulling artists out to the suburbs to suckle at the corporate teat. Austin is one of the last places in the U.S. that doesn't bow down to the Live Nation/Ticketmaster machine and I really don't want that to change. People may complain about service fees from Front Gate Tickets but you really have no idea how bad things can be. Generally, I'd advise if you're going to the Dolly show to at least buy some merch to support her directly BUT Ticketmaster even takes a cut of the merchandise sales at the venue!!! Live Nation/Ticketmaster manages artists, they book the shows, they own the promotions companies, the ticketing agency, the venues themselves, then they take a cut of the artist's merchandise sales on-site. Seems fair, right? Oh, and did I mention that parking at the Cedar Park Events Center is NOT free and take CASH ONLY.

Dolly Parton - 9 to 5 video via YouTube

What will I be doing tonight? Oh, my boyfriend and I are bringing our mothers to see Fleet Foxes do their Austin City Limits TV taping. No big deal. Oh, wait. Actually, it might be the most adorable thing to happen to a blog since kittens pouncing. That's right, I said it. By the way, if this taping is news to you, then you should probably be following me on Twitter since I tweeted a link that would have entered you in a drawing to be able to attend the taping as well. Just sayin'.

Fleet Foxes - English House video via YouTube