Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Braids and Nurses Tonight

As you saw from my, extensive, ticket-link post yesterday, October is a beast when it comes to quality shows and tonight is no exception. I know, I know it's Tuesday you worked today, you work tomorrow but guess what? These bands are working tonight and they need your eyes and ears. Also, tonight's shows are bands whom you may not have heard of today but in several months the buzz will have grown into a loud din and you can be that guy that saw Braids and Pepper Rabbit perform on the Mohawk's inside stage. I saw Vampire Weekend on Mohawk's inside stage and that gets me laid. Think about that for a second and then click this ticket link.

Pepper Rabbit - Harvest Moon video via YouTube

Braids - Plaith Heart video via YouTube

Meanwhile, over on 2nd street, in another intimate performance space you can catch Nurses. This Portland, Oregon band's latest LP, Dracula is a burst of psychedlic-pop and I expect it to make a couple year-end lists. It's unique without venturing off into unrecognized territories. They'll be playing upstairs at Lambert's tonight with Dominant Legs and Boyfrndz sharing the bill. Tickets are still available and you can park underneath City Hall for a mere $5.

- Fever Dreams video via YouTube

Dominant Legs - Hoop of Love video via YouTube