Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Rapture is Nigh

A few weeks ago, I was waiting tables and I noticed a couple at one of my tables looking at an ad for a Ghostland Observatory show. They seemed pretty excited that GLO had an upcoming appearance at ACL Live. When, I noticed them staring at the ad and becoming excited I declared, excitedly, "The rapture is coming!" They looked at me as if I had three heads and then I realizes how maniacal that sentence was out of context. I clarified, "The band called, The Rapture, they're playing a show at La Zona Rosa soon." Then I sheepishly walked away and thought about how I must have appeared talking about the rapture with complete strangers. Well kids, like many lunatics before me, I predict The Rapture will be here tonight! Instead of stalking up your bomb shelter, you should get some tickets because it's not very often that The Rapture is upon is and you don't want to say you missed it. They'll be playing La Zona Rosa tonight, in support of their latest album, In The Grace of Your Love. The lead single from the new album has a moment that reminds me of The Thong Song but I'm ok with that. It's still one of the best singles of 2011.

The Rapture - How Deep is Your Love? video via YouTube

The new album is great, but let's be honest, all of us who will be at tonight's La Zona Rosa show are hoping to hear tunes from Echoes as well. The Rapture certainly aren't the first band to create live dance-music with a punk aesthetic but they were definitely the ones who captures my attention with it at the turn of the century. I'm really hoping they still play tunes from their early EPs that were released before Echoes but I'm not really counting on it.

The Rapture - Out of the Races and Onto the Track video via YouTube

I don't know too much about support act, Poolside but from what I've gathered it's a collective from Los Angeles. They are producers and DJs and they'll be playing an official after-party hosted by our dear friends over at Learning Secrets. The after-party will be at 29th St. Ballroom and admission will be $5.

Poolside - Do You Believe? video via YouTube