Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FunFunFun Fest Preview: Keep Shelly in Athens

There is so much mystery surrounding Grecian, electronic act, Keep Shelly in Athens. Will their country's debt bankrupt the Euro, triggering the U.S. economy into a double-dip recession? Also, who the hell is Keep Shelly in Athens? Well, I can tell you what I know, which is they have released a cassette on a Japanese label, they have released a couple of 7" LPs and a 12" EP via Gorilla Vs. Bear's Forest Family Records. Their sound has been compared to Air and/or Air France, which means it's beautiful chilled-out electronic. The kind of music you listen to while reading a book as opposed to the kind you listen to after doing all kinds of Molly at the rave. All I have heard from them is what can be heard on their Soundcloud page and I love every moment of it. You can buy their EP, Our Own Dream via Amazon Mp3 but the highly limited pressing of the physical 12" LPs have completely sold-out. If you want in on the ground-floor of all of the hype for Keep Shelly in Athens then you better get yourself some FunFunFun Fest tickets now! Tickets will sell-out and the longer you wait to buy them the longer you wait in the will-call line. All tickets will be shipped out on Oct. 20th, so if you order them now, they'll be in your mailbox before the festival. Otherwise, you're either missing out or standing in line like a sucker.

Keep Shelly in Athens - Running Out of You video via YouTube

I'm very excited because whilst writing this post I sent a tweet to Forest Family Records asking if they sent any copies of the sold-out EP to, my favorite neighborhood record shop, End of an Ear and they responded saying they "might" have a few copies to send to the "release city." Oh, did I mention that FunFunFun Fest is the album-release show for Keep Shelly in Athens? That's right! Oh, and you're favorite hipster-blogger (me) just got us some out of print EPs to celebrate. Holla!!!

Keep Shelly in Athens - video via YouTube

I've got to get down to End of an Ear to make sure this thing's a go. You should listen to this other tune from Keep Shelly in Athens and for the love of all that is holy in this universe get your FunFunFun Fest tickets now!