Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tristen Returns to the Mohawk

Tristen isn't the kind of artist you're going to read about on Gorilla Vs. Bear, Stereogum or any other indie-music blogs. She is the kind of artist whom you might have heard on KGSR back when they were a little more adventurous and I'm sure they'll be playing here on KUT if they're not already. I have been a big fan of Tristen's for a few months and I want you to be as well. See, one day everyone will know Tristen's music, she'll be playing Austin City Limits (both the show and the festival) and I want you to get in on the ground-floor of fandom. I want you to have one of those stories where you can say, "Oh, yeah I've liked Tristen for YEARS, I saw her play the inside stage at the Mohawk." Trust me, telling those stories gives you a feeling of superiority that is hard to match. Did I ever tell you about how I saw Vampire Weekend play the inside stage at Mohawk? Yeah, I feel so much cooler now.

Tristen - Special Kind of Fear video via YouTube

Tonight will be my third time seeing Tristen play the Mohawk's inside stage, the last was during SXSW and her performance was so captivating the bartenders stopped serving drinks to watch Tristen perform. You know that's a seriously impressive performance when you can get those beardos to pay attention to the music being played in the next room. Just think about how many performances they see/hear.

Tristen - Baby Drugs video via YouTube

In case you haven't figured it out at this point, I HIGHLY encourage you to meet me at the Mohawk tonight. I have to work until 9p then I'm heading down to Red River so I can catch Tristen's set. She recently played Morning Becomes Eclectic at KCRW and she performed a beautiful cover of Dolly Parton's Wildflowers I hope she plays it tonight too! Tickets are still available for tonight's show and they're inexpensive ($9) so for the love of Oprah buy them and get downtown tonight.

Tristen - Matchstick Murder video via YouTube