Friday, May 27, 2011

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr & Generationals at Emo's

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but like so many of you, I often do just that. Not, necessarily, in a literal sense but sometimes I literally judge actual books by their actual covers. In any case, I was guilty of this when I heard about the much-buzzed-about, Detroit band, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr. I assumed by their ridiculous name that they, too, would be ridiculous. For me their name implied a noisy, possible Wavves-like band who had stupid 90 second songs that I would hate. So, when I finally took the time to listen to their music I was pleasantly surprised. Not only are they not fuzzed out garage bullshit, they make beautiful, harmonious indie-pop. I would liken their sound to that of local-favs Oh No! Oh My!. In other words, their sound is the perfect sonic-companion for Lousiana-natives, Generationals. Neither band is afraid of pleasant-sounding harmonies, or pop melodies. If you, too, judged Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr based on their stupid name, I recommend you check out their Soundcloud page before you write them off. Or, better yet, get yourself a ticket and join me at Emo's inside-stage tomorrow night.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr - Nothing But Our Love video via YouTube

If you missed Generationals with Oh No! Oh My! at Emo's a few weeks ago, then you definitely need to see them tomorrow night. Their latest LP Actor Caster is out now and it's beautiful. Their live-performance does not disappoint and for you straight dudes, their music attracts a large, female audience. Not to be confused with a large female audience. No offense to large females, they too, are welcome to enjoy in the beautiful indie-pop of Generationals and Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr tomorrow night. You can listen to all of Generationals', Actor Caster on their YouTube page including this song:

Generationals - Yours Forever video via YouTube

Starting things off tomorrow, at about 10:00p, will be local band and spin-off of Bill Baird's, Sunset-project, Sleep Good. Sleep Good is, basically, Sunset (Who is now known as Blank Fritz) without Bill Baird. Was that confusing enough for you? Well, don't be confused just get to Emo's by 10:00p tomorrow night so you don't miss them. You may, actually, download Sleep Good's album Skyclimber for free courtesy of Autobus.

Sleep Good - Paper Feet video via YouTube