Friday, April 22, 2011

Jessica Lea Mayfield Plays Emo's Inside

I see you there, planning your weekend trying to figure out where to spend your money and get your indie-rock on. Well, if you don't have tickets for CSS/Sleigh Bells, that's out so, might I steer you over to our friends at Emo's? Sure it's not dance-rock but it's still a show loaded with indie-cred. Alt-country siren Jessica Lea Mayfield is playing a $10 show and I think you should get yourself a ticket. She'll be playing a string of dates with the Avett Brothers in the near-future which, means next time she rolls through Austin the ticket's going to cost more than ten bucks and/or it'll be an Austin City Limits TV taping. That's mere conjecture but I'm usually right about this kind of stuff. Mayfield's second LP, Tell Me is out now on Nonesuch Records and those in the know, know it's a gem.

Jessica Lea Mayfield - Sometimes at Night video via YouTube

Taking the stage before Ms. Mayfield on Emo's inside stage tomorrow night is Mr. Nathaniel Rateliff, he plays hardcore death-metal with a tinge of gangsta-rap. No, that's a lie can you imagine how amazing it would be to have a band that played gangsta-rap/death-metal and pair them with a rootsy singer-songwriter? That would be the worst booking ever. No, Mr. Rateliff plays heartfelt, acoustic tunes that will have the mothers and bear-loving gay men (like myself) swooning. His latest LP is out now on Decca, that's right muthaphuckin' Decca he fancy and shit. Anyway the album is called Memory of Loss and you can pick it up now, at the show or ya' know, whenever.

Nathaniel Rateliff - Shroud video via YouTube