Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Foals with Freelance Whales

Last week we had British Sea Power at the Mohawk, tomorrow we get Foals at La Zona Rosa. If you're like me and you get to jonesin' for brit-pop then you're in heaven right now. Sure Foals are a little angular/proggy/post-punk to be straight-up brit-pop I am definitely putting them under that umbrella. Besides, if you have heard anything from their latest album, Total Life Forever then you know they have mellowed out quite a bit. They haven't lost their sound but they definitely ease into the grooves a lot more. Where before they were most definitely trying to get you to pogo and dance now they are equally interested in having you listen. Foals are on Sub Pop Records so I'd suggest head on over to their site and download some sample music and videos. I hate to keep doing this to y'all but unfortunately Thursday night's Foals show is sold-out. I'm tellin' ya La Zona Rosa is kickin' ass with this week's bookings!

Foals - Blue Blood video via YouTube

Playing the slot before Foals tomorrow night will be, Bloggy-favs, Freelance Whales. Those of you who have been loyal readers of this site know that I highly-approve of Freelance Whales and their anthemic indie-rock music. I have had the pleasure of seeing them perform several times and they seem to get better with each trip through Austin. If I were you I would listen to your copy of Weathervanes several times before the show so you can sing along with everyone else. Call me a sicko but there's something very magical/cathartic about joining a mass of people in singing "Flesh! Into the ground again!"

Freelance Whales - Generator ^ Second Floor video via YouTube