Sunday, March 6, 2011

SXSW 2011 Preview: Glasser

SXSW 2011 will not be Glasser's first trip to Austin, or to SXSW for that matter but it could be the year that they get the attention they deserve. Their latest LP, Rings gained them lots of critical praise and was even featured on many Best LP's of 2010 lists but I feel like the general populace still has no idea who they are. Their sound is synthesizer beauty with gorgeous female vocals but not in a house-music way. It's indie-pop music at its best, with loads of layers, drama and out of this world production. In a live-setting they are known to be quite breathtaking, Cameron Mesirow's voice is a living treasure of indie-music. Also, I expect lots of beautiful photos from the shows they end up playing here in Austin.

Glasser - Mirrorage video via YouTube

Like, previously-featured artist, Jamie XX, Glasser don't have very many appearances scheduled during SXSW as of the writing of this post but that doesn't, necessarily, mean you will only have one chance to catch them. There are still parties and showcases that are yet to be announced and I expect that they will make at least 2-3 appearances in and around Austin surrounding SXSW so keep an eye out for more listings from them.

In the meantime, they do have one OFFICIAL showcase at Central Presbyterian Church but I expect this will be a VERY difficult show to get into. In other words, if you want to catch this showcase PLAN AHEAD! Get in line early, bring a sandwich that you can eat while you wait in line and be prepared for some highly-uncomfortable church pews. In case you're wondering the reason this showcase will be so hard to get into is that it is the Pitchfork showcase headlined by, previously featured artist, James Blake. So, yeah, tough to get in.

Glasser - Treasury of We video via YouTube