Monday, March 7, 2011

SXSW 2011 Preview: The Answering Machine

You know how sometimes you look like someone but not like you're twins more like you're just cousins or something? I feel like The Answering Machine are English-cousins of Ra Ra Riot. If you heard a song from The Answering Machine on the radio you wouldn't think it was a Ra Ra Riot song you would just think they were related by marriage with an English accent. Incidentally if you ever DO hear a song from The Answering Machine on the radio, you're listening to a particularly awesome radio station and you're probably not in Austin. This Manchester 4-piece played SXSW back in 2008 in support of their first LP, Another City, Another Sorry playing some key showcases but they still didn't capture a lot of attention. I'm predicting/hoping that 2011 is the year they catch more influential ears than my own and end up getting some serious press. This year they are touring behind the album, Lifeline and if you don't like it then we can't be friends. Just kidding, we can chill but let's not talk about music ok? No, but seriously The Answering Machine play my favorite genre of music: indie-pop. I feel like nowadays bands are afraid of pop songwriting but if you think about it pop is short for popular and why wouldn't you want to be a popular musician? Don't answer that!

The Answering Machine - Lifeline video via YouTube

Just for the record, my boyfriend seriously objected to my comparing of The Answering Machine and Ra Ra Riot but you hear it don't you? Maybe I'm just crazy? Or, maybe, both are true. In any case, if you like what you heard in that song above the break, then you've got THREE chances to catch The Answering Machine at SXSW and if you didn't like it...see above.

Your first chance to catch the band will be a free day-party on Friday, March 18th. The Answering Machine go on at 4pm and the event is outside the downtown area. It's the Music for Listeners party happening at Red House Pizzeria. I feel like in Austin a Music For People Who Like to Stand Around Looking Cool and Talking might have been more popular than one targeted at Listeners but what do I know?

You second chance to see The Answering Machine is the bands OFFICIAL SXSW showcase at/on 512 Rooftop, which is actually a basement venue. No, that would be pretty amazing though wouldn't it? This is a headlining gig, so they won't actual start performing until 1am Saturday morning A.K.A. very late Friday night. Remember just because this is an official showcase doesn't mean you can't attend if you don't have SXSW credentials, there is always the option of paying for individual shows.

Your final chance to see The Answering Machine during SXSW 2011 is your briefest opportunity. Personally, I feel like it's ridiculous that an event would schedule bands with 20 minute sets but that's EXACTLY what they're doing at the at British Music Embassy party happening at Latitude 30. Just click the BME link to RSVP for that event.

The Answering Machine - Animals video via YouTube