Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big K.R.I.T Hits the Mohawk

So, when it comes to what is hip in urban music Bloggy is no authority, which is why it's nice to have friends over at Knuckle Rumbler who can give me the heads-up on what I should be paying attention to. Those cats know what's going on and have never steered me wrong, which is why I'm giving YOU the heads-up about a show they are producing at the Mohawk tomorrow night. It's the last day of March and what better way to celebrate than to shake dat ass to some dirty south hip-hop music from Big K.R.I.T? His mix tape KRIT Wuz here helped to catapult him into XXL Magazine's 2011 Freshman class feature. If you want to see him here in Austin tomorrow night a ticket will only set you back, $15 (if you buy one TODAY, it becomes $18 tomorrow.)

Big K.R.I.T - Hometown Hero video via YouTube

Not only do you get, headlining act Big K.R.I.T for your $15 but Freddie Gibbs is also on the bill, not to mention Smoke DZA. In other words this show is an anti-dote for all the pop-hip-hop that is invading the radio. An answer to those of you who pine for the days of early, classic hip-hop. Just like with indie-rock there are still people making great music, you just won't hear most of it on the radio.

Freddie Gibbs - Serve or Get Served video via YouTube

This is why it's great to have people like Knuckle Rumbler who seek-out great music and bring it to our city to hit our ears.

Smoke DZA - Continental Kush Breakfast video via YouTube

Doors for this EVENT open at 6:30pm and since this show is outside on a weekday it's going to be over pretty early so I'd arrive early enough to catch Mookie Jones and Roosh Williams who are scheduled for the earliest sets.

Roosh Williams - Beautifully Simple video via YouTube

Mookie Jones - Forever video via YouTube