Thursday, March 31, 2011

Akron/Family w/Delicate Steve

I feel like it's been ages since I've been to a show at The Parish and I feel like that is partially my fault and partially their fault. In any case, tomorrow night Akron/Family make their return to said venue with Delicate Steve in tow. I have actually already seen Akron/Family at The Parish before and the room really suits their style. Their shows feel very communal and there is something about the intimacy of that space that really lends itself well to that vibe. I'm not going to lie to you though, last time they played there I left before they were done. Not, specifically, because I wasn't enjoying myself but because Brendan Benson was playing at the same time over at the ND and I always choose power-pop over whatever you'd call Akron/Family. Power-folk? In any case, I know it's ancient in blog-years but I still think Running, Returning is one of the greatest songs of the century! #Hyperbole

Akron/Family - Running, Returning video via YouTube

For the record, the above video is completely sanctioned by, both, Disney, and Akron/Family. #Lies

Akron/Family - Silly Bears video via YouTube

I haven't seen Delicate Steve perform live yet but according to a press-release I received it will be one of the most energetic sets to hit Austin in recent memory. Having listened to his 30 minute album, Wonder Visions I wonder how that is possible. Not that the album isn't good, in fact, I thoroughly enjoy it but it's not the most energetic music I've ever heard. It's mostly chill, cheap-sounding keyboards with Pure Moods bass-lines and simple/gentle drum parts. Clearly whomever thinks these elements equal super-high energy have never seen Big Freedia perform Ass Everywhere. However, as I mentioned, I have NEVER seen Delicate Steve live and maybe he shakes his ass and does David Lee-Roth high kicks while snorting blow off his Casio? Maybe I won't send a link of this post to his PR reps? Does this sound less-than glowing?

Delicate Steve - Butterfly video via YouTube

If you want to watch Delicate Steve do blow off a Casio (unconfirmed) or be a part of the communal Akron/Family experience there are still tickets available! So, you should probably get on with the purchasing of those today, as the price will increase tomorrow.