Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth: LP + Tour

My favorite local, doom-rock outfit, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth has a new album coming out in June. Lucky for us, we can buy Peaced about a month earlier than our European counterparts for we live in Austin, or at least I do, I don't really know where you're sitting. Anyway, here in Austin, at Beerland, tomorrow night the Lil Dinos will be kicking off their tour. In celebration we'll get some beer (when in Beerland, do as the Beerlandites) and we'll pick up their newest album so we can rub it in people's faces. Oh how we will laugh and gloat.

By the way, if tomorrow night is your first time seeing When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth BRING EARPLUGS!!! Seriously, you are not too cool to hear things in the future and trust me, in the grand tradition of Spinal Tap their gear will ALL be on 11. Also, without earplugs the sound will wash out, which is sort of part of the effect but it's nice to hear notes. Here's a VERY dark video I shot of the Lil Dinos at Red 7 during Free Week. Incidentally, this song is on the new album.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth - Selected for Jerry Duty video via YouTube

I also wanted to mention that those of you who are already familiar with When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth may not have realized that they are no longer the huge sprawling collective they once were. They have focused their sound and their roster. This updated press photo should give you all of the relevant info.