Thursday, March 11, 2010

SXSW 2010 Preview: Sleigh Bells

Twitter has already been a flurry about Sleigh Bells coming to SXSW and now I have a _____ Bells theme going. Like Broken Bells, Sleigh Bells is a duo but that's pretty much where the similarities end. Well, I suppose both bands are American and they probably enjoy lots of the same things but I digress. Sleigh Bells makes in your face dance music out of over the top noise matched up with basic dance-floor boom-bap. It makes me feel woozy, disoriented, excited and entranced, all the while dancing I might add. This is the soundtrack for the modern disaffected youth of the world.

Sleigh Bells - A/B Machines video via YouTube

While I was listening to the above track, I was reminded to remind YOU to protect your ears at SXSW. You obviously love music, you'll want to hear it when you're older too. On that note, find out where you, and your protected ears, can experience Sleigh Bells in person, after the break.

Once again the Cyrano to my Christian for this scheduling information comes from Do512, merci. With a little padding from the bands MySpace, linked above the break.

Wed 03/17 @ the Parish *Free Day Show*
Wed 03/17 @ Malverde *Free Night Show*
Thu 03/18 @ Mexican American Cultural Center *Free Day Show*
Sat 03/20 @ the Scoot Inn *Official Showcase*

That Wednesday show at the Parish is the one Do512 was missing, that's the NPR showcase, which is usually stellar. No need to worry if you don't get into the small space though, they record and broadcast/podcast etc. Also, some of the above mentioned free parties require RSVP so click the Do512 link if you need that sort of info. The party at the Mexican American Cultural Center is going to be absolutely bonkers!

Sleigh Bells - Infinite Guitars video via YouTube