Thursday, December 16, 2010

Turbo Fruits Hit Red 7

Tomorrow night you can catch one of Nashville's greatest indie and/or lo--fi bands Turbo Fruits at Red 7. Their latest album Echo Kid has three tracks available for free download on their Bandcamp page and you can get their latest single for free over at My Old Kentucky Blog. That track's called Keepin' On and is available as a 7" from Turbo Time Records. If you're interested in checking out Turbo Fruits at Red 7 tomorrow night tickets are still available and will set you back merely $8.

Turbo Fruits - Where the Stars Don't Shine video via YouTube

Turbo Fruits - Get Up, Get On Down video via YouTube

Sharing the bill with Turbo Fruits tomorrow night, are their friends and label-mates Pujol. Well, to be honest, I don't really know whether or not they are friends but if they're not let's hope after this tour that they will at least be contemporaries if not compadres. Being that they're sharing a tour and a label you can expect a similar style. Not, the same sound mind you but just a similar vibe. If you liked the above Turbo Fruits' songs, chances are you'll enjoy the musical-styling of Pujol as well. I'll let you be the judge though.

Pujol - Butterflyknife video via YouTube

Incidentally, this blogger does NOT recommend "playing with a butterfly knife". I'm also not convinced that should be one word, but who am I to judge? Oh, that's right I'm a blogger, it's my job to be a judgemental ass-wipe. Isn't it?

Pujol - Black Rabbit video via YouTube

Starting thing off will be bad-ass, local band the Dikes of Holland. You MIGHT remember them from that Casual Victim Pile compilation that Matador Records put out. They've got an LP that was released last month available to purchase if you click their name at the top of this paragraph and/or you can buy that comp by clicking that link (obvs).

Dikes of Holland - No Desire video via YouTube

It should also be noted that Gerard Cosley, the dude who curated that Casual Victim Pile compilation, once referred to me as an, "...ambulance-chasing troll" on Twitter, which pretty much makes me famous.