Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Gay Blades & The Midgetmen

Don't be confused the Gay Blades w/the Midgetmen is not pornographic franchise...yet. It's actually the bill for Emo's inside stage tonight. the Gay Blades came all the way from New Jersey just to beat-up the beat here in Austin. They define their sound as "trash-pop", which you should have surmised from their name and they are known to put on a great show. Tickets for said show are a mere $8, which is quite a steal.

In anticipation of their tour the Gay Blades composed songs for the cities they would be visiting. Here's the song they composed for Austin, it is referential, clever and fitting in tone for our fair city.

the Gay Blades - Britt Daniel Stole My Girl video via YouTube

I didn't realize the Midgetmen were a band until recently I just though they were a very clever Twitter-collective for my entertainment. I kid, I kid. The Midgetmen have been toiling away in Austin's over-crowded, under-appreciated LOCAL music scene for about 8 years playing all those other clubs, while you're watching all of the little touring bands that Pitchfork tells you to love! That moment of indignation was dedicated to the Midgetmen, did you guys like that?

Anyway, these guys do straight-ahead rock 'n roll. It's sometimes clever and sometimes classic but always better than my band. Get there early if you want to catch there full set because I'm pretty sure they're the first of three bands. Incidentally, did you know the Club sandwich is named for the club car on a train?

the Midgetmen - Club Sandwich video via YouTube

Oh, in case you're wondering, the other band on the bill is called Devil in the Drink. I don't know for a fact but chances are they go on at 11p, since they're the middle act and the doors open at 9p.