Thursday, November 18, 2010

Friday Night Shows

Hey y'all!! Remember me? I used to blog on this website, then I got all lazy and shhhhh. There are some cool shows going on tonight but I feel like it's almost too late to mention them here, so just check out my Twitter feed 'cause I totally just tweeted my highlights for the night. Including, but not limited to, Stars at La Zona Rosa. Let's talk about tomorrow night though since Friday is when we really get down.

The first thing I want to mention is the 91.7FM KVRX Austin and Converse presents: KVRX Concert Series, Thanksgiving Edition!, which is taking place at the United States Arts Authority. There will be 2 stages worth of music, with all kinds of great, local bands performing. Admission is $5 but if you pay $10 at the door you get a T-Shirt. Also, being that it's Thanksgiving themed, bringing and donating a canned good is encouraged and don't just donate crappy food that you wouldn't eat y'all! I've got the complete line-up of artists after the jump but here's a preview.

the Sour Notes - Particularly Shrill (Live at KVRX) video via YouTube

Here's the complete line-up for the KVRX concert series on Fri:

745-8PM Western Motto
815-845PM Corey Brim
9-945PM Fox Royal
10PM- The Mole People
11PM- The Sour Notes
12AM- One Hundred Flowers
1 AM- Little Lo

You could also keep things local on the eastside, upping your hipster quotient, by heading to the Scoot Inn. Admission will be $7 for this show but they also have quite a solid, local(ish) line-up featuring a more electronic bent.

Butcher Bear and Charlie - Live at the Continental shaky video via YouTube

Here's the full line-up for the Scoot-Inn show (minus set-times):
Tech_Sys with Butcher Bear and Charlie, Neiliyo, Zorch, Freshmillions, Zlam Dunk, Focus Group, Florene, Ghost Mountain, and Realness

This show isn't exclusively electronic, just a bent. See.

Zlam Dunk - Aw Ratz courtesy of our friends at Nites Blog via YouTube

If these shows are just TOOOOO indie for you, you could head over to La Zona Rosa for the "Black" show. Of course, I'm referring to the psychedelic double-black bill of Black Mountain with Austin's own Black Angels.

Black Mountain - the Hair Song video via YouTube

You could also show your age by heading to Stubb's for Big Head Todd and Shawn Mullins, who have collectively sold more LPs than all of the other bands mentioned in this post ever will in their entire careers. Props.