Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dr. Dog with Here We Go Magic

Well folks, last time I went to Stubb's a pint-sized security woman told me I couldn't shoot vid of my friends Bad Veins but that's not going to stop me from going back. The high drink prices and the non-stop chatter by people who go to the shows won't stop me either. Do you see how I sacrifice to catch Here We Go Magic and Dr. Dog? That's how much I love you the Bloggy-public, I will attend a show at Stubb's so you don't have to...but you should because Dr. Dog are weepers and I really don't want to see them cry. Also, I've seen Here We Go Magic twice already and the second time was better than the first so it would only stand to reason that the third time will be EVEN BETTER than the second time was and so on and so forth. They're still touring behind their latest LP, Pigeons, which came out earlier this year and I expect it will make at least a few best of 2010 lists. You can download some free samples if you click the Here We Go Magic link above.

Here We Go Magic - Moon video via YouTube

As far as Dr. Dog they have certainly come a long ways from when I first saw them perform inside End of an Ear 3 years ago. I feel like they have a knack for making tunes that sound instantly-classic although I have to admit they did release an album or two that I didn't realize existed until I started writing this preview. Their latest LP, Shame, Shame came out in April and that's the one that totally flew under my radar. However, they are also featured on a compilation that I want to check out called Twistable Turnable Man: A Musical Tribute to Shel Silverstein. If you're reading this, and you're somehow affiliated with that compilation you should totally send me a copy. Or if you're just feeling generous, and you're not affiliated feel free to send it to me. Oh, I forgot to mention you can download FOUR new Dr. Dog tunes on their F*c*book page as well.

Dr. Dog - the Girl video via YouTube

As of the writing of this post, tickets to see Dr. Dog and Here We Go Magic at Stubb's tomorrow night are still available. Just remember that tiny security lady might ask you to not shoot video and they charge as much for ONE Lone Star as a 6-pack costs at the store. I recommend getting loaded on $3 well liquor at the Side Bar before and/or after.

Hey Side Bar time to update your webpage, somehow I doubt you're showing the Palin/Biden VP debate.