Thursday, October 7, 2010

Planning Day 1 of ACL Fest 2010

Alright, so I've already told you about some cool official, and unofficial after-shows. We've also broken down some of the toughest decisions regarding bands playing simultaneously on different stages. So, here's the part where I tell you my choices for the whole effing day! I'm going to break it down in to two strategies. The first ACL Fest strategy involves camping out at one stage all day so that you can get a good spot in the crowd. If that's how you want to rock the fest on Friday, then I recommend you hang out at the AMD stage. I wouldn't, necessarily enjoy every single artist who will be playing that stage but it has the highest ratio of bands I care about to bands I couldn't care less about.

The second strategy involves lots of traversing Zilker park. That's the strategy I'll most likely be partaking in. So let's break it down minute by minute. Personally, I'll be waiting tables from 6:00am-2:00pm so I won't be at the Fest as soon as the gates open but I'll break it down as if I would be just for you.

You'll want to start at the Zync Card stage at 11:45 to catch Vonnegutt. They are featured on the latest Big Boi single and they have a very high break-out act potential. Their sound is very MTV-friendly and I feel like the tweens are going to love them. Think Gym Class Heroes.

Vonnegutt - Bright Eyes video via YouTube

Around 12:20 you should hit the Austin Ventures stage to check out Charlie Mars. It will be quite the jump in genre from Vonnegutt but isn't that what a festival is all about? Going from hip-hip-pop to sensitive-singer-songwriter simply by walking a few steps?

Charlie Mars - Like a Bird, Like a Plane video via YouTube

You'll probably have to leave C. Mars set before he is completely through to catch the Soft Pack back at the Zync Card stage. They go on from 1:00-2:00.

the Soft Pack - C'Mon video via YouTube

From 2:00-3:00 you'll want to slide on over to the Budweiser stage to catch the Mountain Goats beautiful, pastoral, folk-rock.

the Mountain Goats - This Year video via YouTube

We'll be back at the Zync Card stage by 3:00 to catch Bloggy favs, Girls. In this Blogger's opinion they deserve a time slot closer to sunset. I mean have you heard the song Laura? It's effing genius!

Girls - Laura video via YouTube

At 4:00 it's all the way over to the AMD stage in time for the Black Keys. I'm excited to see how these 2 dudes work a big-ass festival crowd. Will we feel the sexual energy all the way in the back (so to speak)?

the Black Keys - Tighten Up video via YouTube

The 5:00 o'clock time slot is a tough decision for me, as I mentioned in a previous post but I'm going to vote we head back to the Zync Card stage to see the Sword blow the minds of many, many local fans and hopefully lots of tourist-types too. These guys are local heroes so I expect this stage will have quite the crowd by 5pm.

the Sword - How Heavy This Axe video via YouTube

Speaking of local heroes, after the Sword are through we head back to the AMD stage in time for Spoon's 6pm set.

Spoon - Written In Reverse video via YouTube

At 7:00 alt-rock legends, Sonic Youth will take to the Honda stage, so you know where I'll be.

Sonic Youth - 100% video via YouTube

This last decision might be controversial but I vote we check out the Strokes at the AMD stage. Phish will be starting their headlining set at the same time on the Budweiser stage but chances are once the Strokes have played every song they've ever written +2 covers, Phish will just be approaching the 3rd song of their set. In otherwords you can catch both acts...or you could leave the festival grounds before all the dirty hippies clog up the public transit system. That's your call.

the Strokes - Reptilia video via YouTube

So, there you have it. Those are Bloggy's picks for day 1 of the fest, enjoy and I'll see you there!

Phish - You Enjoy Myself (part 2) video via YouTube

By the way, is anyone else bothered by the names of these stages? I would be will to pay $20 more per ticket if they weren't corporately named. Sure makes me appreciate FunFunFun Fest naming their stages after colors. This post was brought to you via these ads ---------->

FunFunFun Fest - 2009 Re-Cap video via YouTube