Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ACL Week Aftershow Picks

Is it me or are the "after-shows" starting earlier and early every year of ACL Fest? They used to happen after the show, now you can catch some of the headline names from the fest as early as Wednesday night. Some of the best after-shows this year are the ones that aren't affiliated with the fest at all. I'm sure the 3 Charlies are loving that. Although, the most pre of all the pre-shows is an official performance by the Strokes happening at Stubb's, which is sold-out incidentally. Don't let that deter you though, the Pavement show I saw last week was also sold-out and if you recall I purchased a scalped ticket for less than half the face value. My advice is to wait until the headliner has begun playing and then offer the scalper a 20 spot, then can take it or leave it but if they give you a hard time just remind them that the show has started and see how they react. Worst-case scenario, you listen from the top deck of that parking structure across the street from Stubb's, ain't nothin' wrong with that.

the Strokes - NYC Cops video via YouTube

Thursday night is the first night with lots of really good official (pre)after-shows including, but not limited to, Spoon, Neon Indian and many, many more. I want to highlight First Aid Kit though, because they are playing the fest but their sound will be much better suited for Stubb's inside stage, which is where you can catch them Thursday night. Tickets for that show are only $10 bucks and are still available as of the writing of this post.

First Aid Kit - Tiger Mountain Peasant Song video via YouTube

Other than that, I'd go unofficial Thursday night and see Talib Kweli at the Scoot Inn. Do I really need to explain why? Kweli is a lyrical genius and any opportunity we have to hear his words live is a blessing. If he never did anything other than the Black Star album with Mos Def he would STILL be a legend. Tickets for Kweli are ALSO available as of the writing of this post. Props to my friends and comrades over at Knuckle Rumbler for that booking.

Blackstar - Definition video via YouTube

Speaking of the KR kids, if you want to run into me Friday night, I'll be kickin it with the Knucks at another great booking for the Scoot, with Miss Amanda Blank. If you don't know who she is, it's time to get schooled, she is one of my favorite female emcee's. Her lyrics, are filthy, nimble and often hilarious to boot. You can still grab tickets for A. Blank at the Scoot Friday night and I recommend you do so.

Santigold - I'm a Lady (Diplo Remix) featuring Amanda Blank video via YouTube

For Saturday I want to highlight another small name from the fest, who you have probably never heard of but you probably will in the future. Beats Antique are playing the festival but they'll be playing very early in the day most likely to a small crowd. Their official after-show at Momo's is a great way to catch the band in a more intimate setting. Plus it will be a great story when they start to take off you can be that guy who saw them way back when, in that little hole in the wall club away from the Red River scene.

Beats Antique - Miss Levine video via YouTube

Sunday night, you tourists need to check out Austin post-rockers Markov, who will be opening for Rival Schools at Red 7. This show starts around the same time as the Eagles' ACL set so feel free to ditch Zilker and head downtown for some youthful rockers who are, shall we say, relevant? Seriously, how did the Eagles end up at ACL? I promise if I run in to them at the festival I will ask them for all of us, "Why are you here Don Henley?"

Markov - Rain Inside video via Nites Blog via YouTube

Holy crapezoid! Can't believe I forgot to mention the unofficial after-party happening Saturday night at Beauty Bar featuring, Bloggy favs, Sleigh Bells. I guess I kind of forgot about this show because it's going to be so effing hard to get into. The deal is, you have to RSVP for a chance to pay at the door. They are not selling tickets ahead of time so it's basically first come, first served. In otherwords this show is basically for the people who WON'T be attending the fest. I think most of us who will be at the fest have a very low probability of getting in the door. Lucky for us I already saw Sleigh Bells in March and shot this video. The downside is I was on stage and the monitor sound was terrible so you can't really hear the vocals. C'est la vie.

Sleigh Bells - Treats video via YouTube