Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stubb's Friday, Be There

I'm not gonna lie, I'm definitely one of those hipsters who shows up to a venue just to catch the headlining act. I'm almost 30 y'all, and I don't always want to stand around for 3 hour stretches of time. Well, this Friday I will make an exception to catch ALL of the acts playing Stubb's. First and foremost, California-based sometimes folky, sometimes rock-god, Imaad Wasif will be opening the festivities. His third, and latest, album the Voidist came out last fall and manages to blend all (or most) of Wasif's influences without sounding like pastiche. Expect some psychedelia, some folk, some straight ahead rock, lots of beautiful guitar work and lyrics about love and loss.

Imaad Wasif - Fangs video via YouTube

Yeah, so that was just the FIRST artist at Stubb's Friday night. One of my favorites from SXSW's of the past, the Dodos will be bringing their blend of beautifully crafted songwriting to the Waller Creek Amphitheater. I'll be excited to see the Dodos perform to such a large audience, I think they'll win a lot of new fans. They are one of those bands that are best enjoyed live, not that the records aren't great on their own, but you'll hear it differently after you seem them play.

the Dodos - Longform video via YouTube

Of course in the headlining slot, Canadian supergroup, that's right I said supergroup, the New Pornographers will be bringing the house down. I love each one of their records more than the last or at least equally as much, or maybe I love them all in a unique way that can't be compared. But, the point remains, I effing love the New Pornos. I've been lucky enough to seem them perform live 3 times in the past and they never disappoint. The first time I saw them they were without Neko Case and without Dan Bejar and they still kicked a**. I'm not sure, but I would expect that both Neko and Dan will be at Stubb's Friday but you never really know until everyone takes the stage, or doesn't, as it were.

the New Pornographers - Your Hands (Together) video via YouTube

Shockingly, tickets for Friday night's show still haven't sold-out and they'll set you back a cool $25. I predicted this show to be a sell-out don't prove me wrong Austin. When the New Pornographers headlined FunFunFun Fest part deux the crowd was packed in tight and loving it just like a [noun] getting [verbed] with an [adjective], [adjective] [noun].