Friday, July 23, 2010

F Deloren F Speculation F

I noticed an interesting thing whilst over at the True Panther Sounds website recently. In this article, where there is a free Mp3, they list new U.S. tour dates for Delorean in the fall. The section that caught my attention was the part of the tour where Austin belongs:

Fri Nov 5 – Hailey’s – Denton, TX *
Mon Nov 8 – Rhythm Room – Phoenix, AZ *

At first, I thought how odd that they would skip Austin but then I realized that FunFunFun Fest is November 6th and 7th. So, I'm thinking it's possible that Delorean will be making a day one appearance? I feel like it's at least interesting that they have those dates "off" or for travel time. Keep in mind, that this is still speculative. I am in no way affiliated with whomever makes those decisions or knows those things.

Delorean - Seasun video via YouTube

In other downloadable, Delorean news, have you heard that Banana Clipz Remix of Stay Close posted over at Mad Decent? If not, you should check it out for all our sakes. In the meantime, make sure you snag Real Love, which I linked to above the break as well as the remix over at Mad Decent. That is all.

Delorean - Stay Close video via YouTube