Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Washed, Out, Beach House, Sold-Out

So, I hope y'all bought your tickets to see Beach House and Washed Out at Emo's like 6 months ago otherwise you're hitting the scalp scene. I'm kind of a fair-weather fan when it comes to Beach House. I remember when their first LP came out all of my music nerd friends were masturbating over it and I was a bit underwhelmed. However, I am excited to see what a live Beach House show is like. It will definitely push me into full-on fandom or quite the opposite, there's nothing like a live show to help you make up your mind about a band. I will say that I have listened to their latest album, Teen Dream more than any other to date and it should also be noted that I still bought every album they released just to hear it.

PS22 Chorus covering Beach House - Zebra video via YouTube

I'm a fan of Emo's but it's not really where I'd like to see Beach House in Austin. Maybe I'll bring a folding chair, 'cause it's going to be weird to stand and stare at Beach House as they perform haunting, delicate, moody music. Perhaps Austin Music Hall would have been a more suitable choice but if that were the case my ticket would have cost twice as much. So, I'll focus on the bright points, for one Emo's has switched to LCD lighting, that's nice. Also, you can dance(?) to Washed Out, which would have been harder to do(?) at Austin Music Hall.

Washed Out - Luck video via YouTube

As you have probably guessed from the above video Washed Out is, "part of the chillwave scene". I bet all of the artists who wear that ridiculous label despise it. Basically, they get off on vintage synthesizers and psychedelic drone and really can we fault them for that? I blame "New Wave" for introducing all of the lame "____ Wave" movements that have followed its lead. I am also annoyed with "Watergate" for introducing "_____gate" and "Woodstock" for giving us "____stock". Damn, I have a lot of complaints to share today don't I?

Beach House - Master of None video via YouTube

In any case I'll be camping out near the front, center middle section of the crowd to get y'all some BloggyCam video of tomorrow's show. I'll try to include footage of the crowd staring, talking, texting and general after-party planning, as well. All in all I'm looking forward to this show both from an anthropological point of view and a musical-appreciation point of view. How will the tribes of Austin dance or not dance at Valium-fest 2010? Only time will tell, time and the Bloggycam.

Washed Out - Feel It All Around video via YouTube

By the way it might be hard to tell by the general tone of this piece, but I actually do enjoy BOTH Washed Out and Beach House, let that be noted on the record.