Saturday, April 24, 2010

Psych Fest Day 2 Tonight!

Well, I wasn't at Psych Fest last night but from what I read on my Twitter feed a good time was had by most. Apparently the Raveonettes performed as a 2-piece, which must have been interesting because when I saw them the 2 man Raveonettes didn't play any percussive instruments. I'm guessing they had a drum machine last night. Also, there was a torrential downpour last night, and given that the Mohawk is mainly an outdoor venue, I'm guessing that wasn't too pleasant either. I did hear from my friends over at Ultra8201 that Warpaint was amazing, astounding, gorgeous perfection. Lots of folks were saying they were even better than during SXSW!?!?

In any case, tonight/today there are even more bands performing than yesterday. Once again, if you're looking for the full Psych Fest line-up be sure to click that Psych Fest link. Also, if and when you go make sure to ask about the complimentary 3-D glasses. So, today's line-up is all about the up and coming psychedelic rockers. There are fewer big, big names but lots of up-and-coming acts are featured today/tonight. Of course, this whole thing is the brain-child/curated-by local bad-asses, the Black Angels and tonight is their night to shine. Expect their brand of psychedelic, freak-out, drone in the headlining spot this evening.

the Black Angels - Young Men Dead video via YouTube

I wanted to highlight this band, the Frequency who will also be playing Psych Fest tonight. They recently received some good buzz in, England's version of Rolling Stone, NME. Their sound mixes shoegaze, psychedic and electronic music into a wash of textures, reverbs, and emerging melodies. Catch them on their way to the top, or before they burn out and fade away, whichever comes first, in any case catch them today at the Mohawk.

the Frequency - Talk to Me video via YouTube

Wow, so there really aren't that many names on the list today that jump out at me. That doesn't mean there aren't any good artists playing today it just means I need to do more homework before I start writing next time. I definitely want to highlight a couple more Austin artists that will be playing tonight including, Cry Blood Apache.

Cry Blood Apache - Royal Family video via YouTube

Also, Smoke & Feathers always put on a killer/interesting/haunting set are a definitely a not-to-be-missed local artist. They play right before dinner time (5pm) tonight y'all! This whole thing kicks off at 2pm today and goes on for about 12hrs, so bring some granola maybe get a pizza delivered or something 'cause you're not going to want to miss these bands.

Smoke & Feathers - Ride video via YouTube