Monday, March 29, 2010

Ted Leo +/- Pharmacists Wednesday

I wasn't sure if I was going to see Ted Leo + the Pharmacists on Wednesday but then I heard about Ted Leo's solo acoustic in-store at my favorite record shop in town, End of an Ear and that pleased me. Oh, how it did please me and doth still, yeah so that's supposed to happen at 4pm but EoE is tiny so I'm going to get there early enough to rub Ted Leo's shoulders while he guitar solos. Although, it's an acoustic show so that might be awkward...for him to do guitar solos, not the massaging that's normal, people do that. You can also see Ted with his full band of Pharmacists at Emo's but it will be a lot harder to massage him there, just so you know. It will also be a lot louder and more warehouse/post-apocalyptic bomb shelter-esque at Emo's but they have a lot more liquor than EoE, which can be nice. As of the writing of this post there are still tickets for the Emo's show. Of course, the End of an Ear appearance is free but you'll probably want to buy some stuff while you're there. No, seriously buy it!

I hope Ted does this one tomorrow, or perhaps a more time-appropriate but similarly-themed cover. I love your originals too though Ted, just sayin' the kids like the cover songs/Gleetarded mash-ups.

Ted Leo - Since You Been Gone/Maps video via YouTube

A group called Screaming Females will be playing the slot right before Ted Leo. I know nothing about them...yet but without searching I'm going to guess that it's actually a 3-piece, none of which are women who do clever pop-punk music (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket). Now the next paragraph will be dedicated to either smugness on my part or humility and the truth about Screaming Females. Stay Tuned.

Ok, so their Wikipedia entry is pretty shit-tastic and I still haven't heard their music but I now know that there is at least ONE female in the band. I also know that they are in fact a 3-piece "indie rock/punk" band who hail from New Jersey. Will fist-pumping be mandatory at this show? So, let's kill the mystery and get to the sample video. I'll scour the ole' YouTube and see if I can find something we can check out.

Screaming Females - Burried in the Nude video via YouTube.

Ok, so it was clever but not in the ways I was expecting and it's definitely not "pop-punk" I wouldn't even use the word punk near it, but I suppose I can see how they would end up with that label. It's sort of like an angrier B-52's, on that note I think any band would be better if Fred Schneider added vocals. Let's check out one more track from Screaming Females and try to picture Fred Schneider adding a call and response style vocal.

Screaming Females - Bell video via YouTube

It wasn't a rock! It was a rock! Lobster!

the B-52's - Rock Lobster video via YouTube