Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SXSW 2010 in Brief...s

What just happened y'all? The last thing I remember was some girl pulling my weave out for cutting her in line at the Swagg presents One Night in Perez Hilton's ass, party. Did I get in? How was Snoop? Yes indeed folks SXSW 2010 has come and gone and now we have a full year to plan for next Spring unless of course Bill Murray sees his shadow at Shangri-La.

So, my first day I was all ambitious, I rocked out in our fair city for roughly 14 hours, mostly in the upright position. I shot like a billion videos and uploaded them hours after they recorded. You probably saw my post on Thursday, well then everything went pear-shaped. My brain got fuzzy, the parties started to run together, I wanted to punch people in the face who told me about surprise guest appearances, basically it was the 2nd day of SXSW. It is my favorite time of year, but damn if it isn't exhausting? Oh, the problems we face in Austin, "Golly, there are just too many awesome things happening at once, I'm tired now." Isn't it brutal?

Long story short, rather than inundate you with EVERY video I shot, I'll just put a little highlighter on a few of them. I'll direct you to the Bloggy YouTube Channel if you'd like to check out all 40 videos from SXSW 2010. Oh, and if you're representing a band or law firm and you'd rather these videos weren't online, let me know, I'm really good at acting like I care.

Royal Bangs - The Windish Showcase SXSW 2010 video via YouTube

The whole Windish Showcase was pretty much awesome. I ended up there on a whim because I knew that the Very Best were showcasing at Emo's on Friday night so I figured I'd try to get in. I paid a $15 cover at the door but only had to stand in line for about 4 minutes. Once inside when the entire line-up was revealed I was psyched. I had wanted to see the Royal Bangs and they didn't disappoint in the least. It was a really high-energy set with great melodies with the musicians locked into tight grooves the whole time, hence the above video.

Sometimes, the short set times during SXSW can work for a band sometimes it can work against them. When Delorean was through with their set it was somewhat startling. They played for 30-40 minutes but I was going wherever they were taking me and the ride ended to quickly. I play to see them again on their next journey through Austin, but in the meantime I have this video to tide me over.

Delorean - Eastbound & Found Party SXSW 2010 video via YouTube

The third and final video I am going to feature comes from a Canadian group who have some crazy, cult following or something. When Born Ruffians took the stage all this 20 somethings appeared out of nowhere crashing through the crowd with looks of extreme glee on their faces. Almost every song the band played had about 2 dozen people singing along, hitting all of their call and response cues and, of course, pogo-ing like mad men. Kudos to you Born Ruffians you had crown involvement during SXSW, there's something to be said for that. I've been to shows during South by when the audience doesn't even clap when the band is through.

Born Ruffians - Windish Agency Showcase SXSW 2010 video via YouTube