Friday, December 18, 2009

Snafu Kitties Bid Us A Mew

If you haven't seen local, piano-indie popsters SNAFU Kitties before then you better head to Emo's inside stage Saturday night, 'cause it's your last chance. It's true dear reader, my information comes from a source very close to the band (the drummer) and he tells me the lead singer will be moving to Europe. I think he said Denmark but it might be the Netherlands or Germany I forget. So, in the interest of great journalism, I'm going with "singer moved to Europe" as reason for the bands...disbanding. Oddly enough, the final performance will also be a CD release party, so we can remember them as they were. Actually that's a great way of becoming a unicorn band that is more popular reunited than they were to begin with.

My friends over at 'Nites Blog are also a source close to the band. They've captured some really great SNAFU Kitties performances that you can find on their YouTube Channel as well as a slew of other great, and largely unrecognized, other, local, Austin bands. Here's a video they made for the Kittie's song Nerve:

SNAFU Kitties - Nerve video via YouTube

Here's all the pertinent information about the show and the CD direct from the band's release about the show:

SNAFU Kitties have officially been a band since our first show on May 22nd, 2007 at Beerland. Since that time, we've played steadily in and around Austin, and as far as Mexico City. We've had a good run. Sadly, all good things must eventually reach their end. Our wonderful singer, keyboardist, and songwriter, Jessie, will soon be off to Denmark to embark on an exciting new adventure with her husband, Mads, marking the unfortunate end of SNAFU Kitties. LET'S SEND HER OFF IN STYLE.

Your presence is sincerely requested at SNAFU Kitties' FINAL PERFORMANCE. It will be a wonderful opportunity to see the band you've "kept meaning to check out," or enjoy once more for the last time. Not only that, we will finally be releasing our long-awaited and laboriously produced self-titled album. This is a LIMITED RELEASE, y'all. Each one is hand-printed by our bass player, J.J., the Rural Rooster and will only be available at the show. Once they're gone, they're gone for good.

Mark your calendars, folks. Doors are at 9pm, and for a mere $6, you will enjoy a diverse lineup: We Aim To Try, Paper Shapes, Zorch, and SNAFU Kitties.

I don't really know about the other bands on Satuday night's bill but the line about "enjoy a diverse lineup" is a bit ominous. That could mean, "be prepared to see some crazy-ass shhh before we go on" but I'll enter Emo's with an open(ish) heart(ish).

SNAFU Kitties - Break Your Back video via YouTube

Thanks again to 'Nites Blog for the video embed. See you at the show?