Thursday, December 17, 2009

Phoenix Tonight - Sold-Out

I really debated whether or not to mention tonight's Phoenix show at La Zona Rosa considering it's sold-out and it starts in a few hours. However, I am so over-the-top excited to finally see them perform live that I felt like I had to mention it. Hopefully I'll have some exciting follow-up post about the show tomorrow. In case I slack on the follow-up, I'm betting my homeboys over at, the fabulous, Ultra8201 will be posting some fly video. If you're reading this Ultra may I request you film Armistice? Please and thank you. If you are really bummed about not getting tickets to this sold-out show, try checking Twitter Search after the show has started. You never know someone may have an extra ticket or some shhh.

Phoenix - Armistice (Live on KEXP) video via YouTube

The Phoenix show at La Zona Rosa tonight is sponsored by the repugnant, 101X, if you've ever read my site before you know that I have an extreme disdain for their music programming, but their concert programming seems to be pretty on point. I saw Bat For Lashes earlier in the year, at the Parish room and that was a 101X show as well. Unfortunately you rarely hear the artists who play the concerts on the radio station itself. They'd prefer to let you hear Pearl Jam's Jeremy than anything by Bat For Lashes. I have actually heard them play Phoenix on the station but only after they killed at ACL Fest. Speaking of bands I've never heard on 101X...

White Denim - I Start to Run video via YouTube

White Denim will be taking the opening slot tonight with Portland Oregonians, Hockey following. Hockey is probably a great band and everything but if you're going to call your band Hockey then you better be from Canada. When I discovered they were from Portland, OR it was pretty much over for me. I think the tweens will really get into the Hockey sound though and they'll probably become insanely popular in the near-future. This is not an endorsement, nor a shame statement just a thought/prediction.

Hockey - Song Away (Live on Jools Holland) video via YouTube

The buzz for White Denim has been bigger than the band itself. At this point they've been blogged to death, they keep running into problems distributing their music and more people have heard about them than have heard them. At the root of all that mess though, is what started the buzz to begin with, a raucous, passionate, killer, live performance. I feel like the Let's Talk About It Ep came the closest to capturing the frenetic energy of a live White Denim show. I haven't seen them perform lately, now that their sound has gotten a lot more prog-psychedelic ala King Crimson or Love so, I'm interested to see if they still have that coked-out party band vibe with the new tunes. You can actually buy the newest album from White Denim in U.S. stores now thanks to Downtown Music, which, incidentally, is the label that Sean "P. Diddy" Combs got his start in the record biz with.

Free Mp3 from the Let's Talk About It Ep courtesy of a hella-old link (64 Blog Years) that Spin probably forgot about, but Google didn't.

Free Mp3 ---> White Denim - Darksided Computer Mouth