Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pack of Wolves this Weekend

So, Pack of Wolves will be at the Mohawk this weekend and if you were wise, you'd be there too. See, what I'm discovering as all the best LP's of '09 lists are coming out, is that a lot of these albums are easiest to buy directly from the band when they come to your town. I just tried to buy a copy of the LP by the Smith Westerns at End of an Ear to no avail. I haven't tried to buy the latest LP from Pack of Wolves but I'm guessing it will be at the merch table on Saturday night. Also, isn't it just cooler to buy an album directly from the band themselves? No? Fine, be that way but that's what I'm going to do, so there!

Pack of Wolves - Concession video via YouTube

As you know, I don't normally endorse such aggressive/angry music but something tells me that seeing these songs live (with ear protection) is going to be pretty intense. By which I mean, face-meltingly awesome.

In all honestly, the Smith Westerns are much more my style of music, but hey they're not playing the Mohawk on Saturday are they? No, they played Emo's a few months ago, but that's neither here nor there. Chances are when I check at Waterloo Records for the Smith Westerns LP they'll probably have it. I just like shopping at End of an Ear it's so small and nerdy and it smells like musty old records. It's so dreamy, le sigh.

Smith Westerns - Girl In Love video via YouTube

Anyway, if you want to get tickets to see Pack of Wolves get all aggro on your ass at the 'Hawk too bad, you're going to have to pay $9 at the door. Unless you can buy them at Waterloo ahead of time, in which case they're $7. See you there?