Sunday, November 29, 2009

Del, Metric, Tuesday

Have y'all been to this place Ace's Lounge yet? I'm somewhat dismayed that the banner on their website says, "The Official Live Music Venue of College". Does that appeal to you? 'Cause it doesn't appeal to me in the least bit, does it mean that I should invest in some Ed Hardy gear? Will all the people in the crowd refer to me as, "that old dude who's not dancing"? I like Del tha Funky Homosapien but if the sound is muddy and I'm surrounded by chatty college kids, I'm out! On a plus side Tuesday night's show at Ace's featuring Del, among others, is presented by my friends over at Knuckle Rumbler so I'm thinking they'll take care of any muddy mic issues that may ensue. You can grab yourself some tickets for $18.

Deltron 3030 - Virus video via YouTube

So, if you're thinking, "I don't want to hang out with a bunch of college kids trying to hear Del", fret not! Metric is playing over in the warehouse district at La Zona Rosa at the same time. Tickets for Metric will set you back $23 , but you can get a tall well drink for $4 so it will balance out. Besides, the latest Metric LP, Fantasies is pretty killer and promises to be really good in person.

Metric - Sick Muse video via YouTube

While I'm bitching and whining about different venues in the city, what's up with Radio Room/Bourbon Rocks? I just drove down 6th St. in daylight, which is quite depressing by the way, and I noticed the old Radio Room still sitting vacant. I thought Trannymission Entertainment bought that joint? So, how come it's for sale/lease and still not fabulous? Remember when we saw that band there at SXSW? That was cool.

Passion Pit - I've Got Your Number video via YouTube

Also, I think that Symphony Square should be utilized more. Seems like a great place to see a quiet(ish) artist like Bon Iver or Kings of Convenience. The biggest problem is it's such a small seating capacity (350), but that could be solved with multiple nights by an artist or tough luck mo fo buy tickets faster. Imagine seeing Sigur Ros at Symphony Square?!?! What Austin venue could suit a band like Sigur Ros? I've seen them several times and the best venue was at the Berklee College of Music. The space has perfect acoustics and the audience was so reverent and quiet, it was like the waiting room in heaven.

Sigur Rós - Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása video via YouTube