Monday, August 3, 2009

Glasvegas/Ida Marie Monday

I had the chance to catch Glasvegas during a SXSW day party this year. I enjoyed their music but not their attitudes. I don't like the feeling that a band could care less about the audience attending their show. I'm not talking about a band like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah who gets all nervous and can't look at the crowd. I'm talking about literally making comments in which they pretty much say I don't care that you're here. Now that that's said I will ALSO say that I enjoy listening to the latest Glasvegas album called Glasvegas and they DO play their instruments well. So, if you're planning on checking them out at Emo's tonight, you won't be disappointed, at least not by Glasvegas I have no idea what other expectations you might have before going out.

Glasvegas - Geraldine video via YouTube

Ida Marie will be the opening act for Glasvegas Monday and something tells me that pretty soon she'll be the headlining act. She seems to be in that Lily Allen zone right now, where she's not really accepted as a mainstream pop star or as a quirky, indie chanteuse. Touring with Glasvegas seems to support this theory as they have indie-cred here in the states while being full-on famous across the pond. I've heard Ida Marie's single Oh My God on a variety of radio stations. I think it has a lot of cross-over appeal. So, stay-tuned to find out where the fickle, gods of fame place her in the long-run.

Ida Marie - Oh My God video via YouTube

Just for the record, on Ida Marie's YouTube channel her style is "indie-rock" but her label type is "Major-Label". Hmmmmmmm. Something doesn't add up there. A rose by any other name would still be indie?

Ida Marie - I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked video via YouTube

Here's one more from Glasvegas and if you're interested in going to the show tonight tickets were/are still available as of the time that this post was written.

Glasvegas - Daddy's Gone video via YouTube