Friday, July 31, 2009

On the Fence About Bad Veins

As a subscriber to satellite radio I have the luxury of actually hearing music I've never heard before...on the radio. Remember that? Back when you were younger and you would turn the radio on and wonder, "Who is this?" shortly followed by, "I want this tape so bad(ly)!" Nowadays terrestrial radio is full of familiar stalwarts from "alt-rock"'s past mixed in with some mall-punk. Unless you listen to top 40 or something else, in which case, why are you reading this right now? But I digress.

Sirius XMU keeps playing tracks from this band, Bad Veins. Their name immediately makes me think of junkies, not a great first impression, but the music itself seems like something I would normally like. It's somewhat dark, somewhat electronic, somewhat like Helio Sequence but it just not as melodious or something. I want to know what the Bloggy people think.

Bad Veins - Gold & Warm video via YouTube

If your interest has been piqued, I did notice that Bad Veins will be here in Austin late in August. The show will be at Emo's outside stage and will feature some Austin up-and-comers as well. Tickets will set you back $5 and as you know, shows at Emo's start late and end late. Here's one more from Bad Veins then I'll post some vids from the local bands playing the same show.

Bad Veins - Falling Tide video via YouTube

Alright, I don't know about you but the live video pretty much sold me on Bad Veins. But, if you're still not convinced enough to check them out at Emo's maybe the local acts will do the trick. Black and White Years is probably the biggest local name. The way the show is listed on Emo's site makes it seem like they'll actually be performing after the touring act?

Black & White Years - Power to Change video via YouTube

Built By Snow will also be appearing that same night. Now, I posted their videos yesterday but after seeing them at Beerland last night I think I'll re-post a vid cause they were kick ass. My only complaint about the live experience is the songs seemed to end very abruptly, like no one really knew when to start clapping. Not really sure how to fix that, maybe a nice Van Halen jump for emphasis/punctuation.

Built By Snow - Drag Away video via YouTube

Lastly but certainly not leastly, you can catch The White White Lights at Emo's in like a month and probably lots of other places in the meantime. I have only seen them once, I made a, possible-rude, suggestion regarding their performance and they corrected it at the next show. So obviously I'm a fan/supporter now even if I wasn't before.

The White White Lights - Unknown to Me video via YouTube

By the way the above video is courtesy of my brothers in blogging over at Ultra8201 check 'em out.